High speed rail is already helping California's economy

High-speed rail is a high-return investment that’s building California’s economy right now and will deliver multiplying returns into the future. 
High-speed rail creates jobs

Construction on the system has already created more than 60,000 job years. (A job year is one year of work for one person.) Roughly 25,000 of those job years are in the Central Valley, a region with high unemployment and poverty rates. That’s roughly $1.4 billion in labor income for workers in the Valley alone.

Small businesses are big winners as well

More than 600 of them have participated in the ongoing construction. And the impact isn’t limited to just California. Nationally, businesses based in more than 42 states have worked on some component of the project.

In total, construction on the system is projected to create 624,000 job years and produce $46 billion in labor income.
Stronger towns and cities

The system will add value to big and mid-sized cities alike by delivering passengers to stations either close to, or right in the heart of, urban areas. Research shows that higher density is a powerful driver of productivity—and higher wages—in an economy.

Bringing cities closer together
High-speed rail will link small and mid-sized cities both to each other and to bigger cities, so that people can get to lots of different destinations—across a whole region—quickly and conveniently.

For example, the Central Valley segment will slash travel times from Bakersfield to Merced to about an hour (versus 2.5 hours today).

The system will also connect the Valley much more tightly to both Silicon Valley and Los Angeles. The trip from Fresno to San Jose, for example, will be just 53 minutes (versus 2.5 hours).

From Fresno to L.A., the trip will be just 90 minutes (versus 3.5 hours).

New opportunities
That new level of connectivity has all kinds of benefits for California’s economy.

Most importantly, it boosts access to job and educational opportunities by increasing the mobility of workers and students.

Whole new worlds of opportunity open up when people have a fast, reliable, and affordable way to get to work and school.

The future of high-speed rail in America is on the line. Right now. Please act.

Soon, the California Legislature will vote on whether to release $4.1 billion in voter-approved funds to continue building 220-mph, electrified, high-speed rail linking Los Angeles and San Francisco. We need to make sure they vote yes.