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Stop Rauner from Cutting IL Train Service

February 18, 2015

Governor Rauner just announced major reductions in funding for Amtrak and Metra, including a nearly 40% cut for state-supported Amtrak operations. Other transit cuts include PACE and CTA.

Can you let Governor Rauner and your elected representatives know you won’t stand for these cuts?

These cuts will not make Illinois stronger. High-quality transportation gives us a major competitive advantage in a globalized economy. By reducing service – when we should be growing – Rauner is threatening our State’s economic future.Luckily, this budget is just a proposal.

If we are loud enough Rauner could change his mind - or the General Assembly could stop these cuts - before they cripple our train service.

Please take one minute or less to tell Rauner and your representatives how important Amtrak and Metra services are to you. Don’t make it easy for Rauner to cut your trains.