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It's all regional to me

December 10, 2018

Please join me in building a reconnected region by making a donation today.

Like you, I’m often asked to support worthy organizations. I gladly choose to contribute to Midwest High Speed Rail Association—and I hope you will as well.

Why? It’s all regional for me.

Trains are a great way to grow this region and maximize our opportunities—economically, socially, and environmentally. Wouldn’t it be great if people could come to Chicago from overseas and do business in Champaign or St. Louis? Or you could visit family wherever they live in the region by taking a high-speed train? It would make us more connected, and it’s better than having a lot of internal combustion engines on the road.

And I just like trains. I like the way they sound. I enjoy traveling on them. The experience is pleasurable, and you have the option to work.

The Midwest High Speed Rail Association’s strength comes from people like you, who know the benefits that high-speed trains offer and want to make them a reality in this region.

So fellow board member Beth Coulson and I are offering a challenge. If 125 people join or renew their membership with the Association this week, by making a donation of any size, we will donate $5,000.

Will you help us broaden our reach and strengthen our organization by making a donation today, during our 2018 Fast Track Challenge?

Stan Miller, Esq.
Board President, Midwest High Speed Rail Association
Partner, Nixon & Peabody