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IMPORTANT ACTION ALERT: House considering amendment to cut ALL Amtrak funding

March 04, 2015

Tomorrow the House will vote on an authorization for Amtrak. Before the vote, anti-rail opponents introduced an amendment to the Passenger Rail Authorization bill (H.R.
749) that would cut all funding for Amtrak. These extreme voices, buoyed by outside groups like the Heritage Foundation, want to decimate a rapidly growing service that millions of Americans depend on each year.

Tell your representative to stand up for Amtrak and vote "NO" on amendements to H.R. 749.

Anti-rail opponents have held America back for decades. Over the past 50 years dozens of other countries have introduced world-class high-speed trains and passed us by. Yet, despite relatively minimal levels of passenger rail funding, Amtrak ridership has skyrocketed over the past decade.

At a time when we need to be making investments in our future, some members of Congress, who stick to an outdated transportation agenda, want to move us backwards. The majority of Americans who want more trains need to make themselves heard before it could be too late.

It is critical that the anti-Amtrak lobby doesn’t succeed. Tell your representative to stand up to these extreme voices by supporting more investments in passenger trains today.


Rick Harnish
Executive Director
Midwest High Speed Rail Association
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