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Fast trains and the Midwest: Perfect for each other

December 12, 2018

A message from Executive Director Richard Harnish:

Two things I love—trains and the Midwest—are perfect for each other. That’s why I’m asking you to join the Midwest High Speed Rail Association.

The Midwest is a unique and wonderful place, but traveling around the region by car is a pain. Things are so spread out, and the weather can make the roads a stressful nightmare.

Trains, on the other hand, offer an experience you can’t find anywhere else. They’re the most social form of travel. I love to sit in the lounge car, meet new people, and watch the scenery on my way to adventures around the region. When I’m on a train, time flies.

In my travels, I’ve noticed that our cities and towns have strong bones, but they need more life—more people walking around, buying locally, and creating the memories and moments that happen when you bump into friends on the street.

More trains and buses would make that happen—and they would waste less space on parking lots.

But it’s about more than just these things. Ultimately, trains are a measure of a people’s vision for the future. The payoffs are huge, but they’re often years down the road. And there is no direct payback for investors.

That’s why we need the Midwest High Speed Rail Association. It’s your voice. It has a vision for the better future that we—people who love trains, and people who love the Midwest—are building together.

Please support our vision and make your voice heard by becoming a member today.