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Ask Your Senators to Support High-Speed Rail

June 16, 2022

Please ask your senators to express their support for $10 billion in dedicated high-speed rail funding, to be included in the emerging reconciliation deal.

Decisions on final cuts to the climate package are being made right now. The $10 billion in funding for high-speed rail could be reduced—or eliminated altogether—during this process.

That's why we need you to contact your senators today. Ask them to express their support for high-speed rail to Senate Majority Leader Schumer.

Last year, we celebrated the passage of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which appropriated substantial funds for intercity passenger trains.  However, that is just the foundation, and the IIJA did not fund the high-speed rail account.

Supporting this dedicated funding would help build a pipeline of high-speed rail projects and direct funding to true high-speed rail systems. Investing in these advanced and proven transportation systems will support long-term economic growth, quality of life, and sustainability.

Please call if you can and send an email asking your senators to contact Senator Schumer's office, and express their support for the $10 billion for high-speed rail in the reconciliation deal.

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