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Ask Congress for the "Missing" HSR Money!

September 01, 2021

We’ve just learned that Congress will make critical decisions in the next few days about funding for high-speed rail, in the emerging Reconciliation bill.

Please contact your elected officials today!

As we mentioned in our newsletter last Friday, the infrastructure bill already moving through Congress includes money for repairs and familiar Amtrak service. However, it does not include dedicated funding for high-speed rail. It absolutely should.

To fix this, we are working to get $20 billion for the High-Speed and Intercity Passenger Rail Program. States and other entities can use this fund to expand the system nationwide.

President Biden and Secretary of Transportation Buttigieg have advocated for a “second great railroad revolution.” High-speed rail funding has growing support in Congress, but our champions there—as well as several key leaders who are sitting on the fence—need to hear from their constituents right now.

Please send a message today to support dedicated funding for high-speed rail.

Thank you,

Rick Harnish

Executive Director