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Amtrak Authorization Vote Update

March 05, 2015

Yesterday afternoon the House passed an authorization for Amtrak after some last minute drama. Before the bill came to a vote, rail opponents introduced an amendment to cut all funding for Amtrak. Luckily, more levelheaded representatives from both parties stood their ground, and rejected the amendment. In the end the bipartisan bill passed at a wide margin of 316-101, and will now move on to the Senate.

This vote was a real victory for passenger rail. When word of the amendment to cut all Amtrak funding came out, thousands of train advocates from across the country came together. Over 1000 MHSRA supporters told their representatives to invest more on expanding passenger trains.

Passenger rail investments are still too low, but it is encouraging to see thousands of grassroots supporters and representatives from both parties stick up to extreme voices that would end all service.